Crowd funding campaigns

As new technology comes into play daily, so do new methods to promote your product and service.


Crowd funding has become a go to platform to pre-sell and promote new ideas.


With the unlimited up sell potential that crowd funding offers, you must have a solid strategy to rise above the noise.


To complicate the process even more, these buyers are sophisticated and ready to place orders, but only if the presentation is flawless and professional.


Just look around at the most successful campaigns on Indigogo or Kickstarter, when is the last time you saw a million dollar product with a homemade video? Never.


Flawless execution of a funding a project centers around an amazing video.


Have a look at two of our recent projects that resulted in over funding of their campaign goals.


If you would like even more information and insight on a successful crowd funding campaign spend some time with our strategic partner Crowd funding Cocktail for a masters class on the topic


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